Developer Toolkit is a selection of tools to help with daily development tasks including a UUID generator, encoders and decoders for URL, HTML, and Base64, as well as a Lorem Ipsum placeholder text generator.


The following slash commands can be used to trigger Developer Toolkit’s suite of features from any channel or conversation. If you prefer, you can use each of the features through the point and click interface at the app’s Home page in Slack (go to Apps in the sidebar, and select Developer Toolkit).

If you’re unsure about how to use a command, just add help after the slash command, for example, 

/dev-lorem help
Slash Commands

List out the developer toolkit tools

/dev-b64 [ encode | decode | help ]
Encode and decode base64 text

/dev-html [ encode | decode | help ]
HTML encoder and decoder

/dev-lorem [help] 
Lorem Ipsum Generator

/dev-url [ encode | decode | help ]
URL encoder and decoder

/dev-uuid [help]
UUID Generator

Support Info

Got a question? For all support enquiries, please drop us an email at slacksupport@adaptavist.com. Alternatively, you can raise a ticket through our support portal.